NeoGAS.io first started as NeoCoins.net which began as a quick and simple project created out of boredom. The cryptocurrency space has facinated me for a while now and being able to contribute to the space was actually kind of cool, so the notepad editor was opened and NeoCoins.net was born.

After hosting the site's code on Github, other clones began to appear which appeared to have created an even better experience for the user. Development on NeoCoins.net stopped as others had created similar tools, but had done a much better job.

Recently it was revealed that one of these tools was using a Javascript miner on unsuspecting visitors. It would use the visitor's CPU cycles to mine Monero for the developer without the user's consent.

Obviously this is something that should not be encouraged or applauded, so I've decided to relaunch NeoCoins.net as NeoGas.io.

Be assured, I will always be honest and completely open with the site's users and will never install, run or hijack your browsing experience for my personal gain.

In the interest of full disclosure, below is a list of software that was used to create NeoGas.io:

Bootstrap 3.3


PHP 7.0
Apache 2

Google Adsense

New Dedicated Server

Created with by drpepper
No malware included
All times CST